Scar tissue that I wish you saw…

There is a jagged three-inch scar on the hip. There have been various theories over the years…maybe a diaper held with twine, perhaps being tied into a chair…then came one that seemed like an a-ha. The idea that scars were caused by vaccinations that had become infected. But anecdotal evidence seems to indicate plenty of girls have these scars. Are infection rates that high? I can’t believe this would be the case.

There was the romantic version of the story, of course. A parent would somehow scar their child before abandoning them so they would always have a mark and someday might return.

But the story from Message From An Unknown Chinese Mother on how these scars happen seems to be very believable.

In poor areas, it’s common for the person delivering the baby to take a candle or oil wick and hold it over the baby’s lower body to determine if it is a boy or girl. Imagine the horrible scalding, then the exclamations that it is “…a girl–worthless!”

Right now she is playing Skylanders. Girly-girl mixed with a guy’s best friend mentality, Did someone hold a candle over her, and did the reading of “girl” determine her fate?


One thought on “Scar tissue that I wish you saw…

  1. In our case, there was a hip abscess that we spent the first week of her life in America dealing with. Best guess is that an inoculation got infected…and you’ll never see the dimple-scar unless she’s going to wear something pretty revealing in the way of a bottom bikini.

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