Too much to hope for…

Our agent in China said today that not only is the retired orphanage director coming back to see Jocelyn, but her foster family is scheduled to come as well to Shangrao.

This makes it very real. I have no idea how she will handle seeing the people who loved her for almost a year before she came to us. I have their letters, I have their photos. I know they are very deep thinkers and sometimes blew me away with how much they had to say. 

Still processing. 


2 thoughts on “Too much to hope for…

  1. This sounds like such a wonderful chance for your daughter to reconnect with her past. I was able to meet my retired nanny 10 years I had left my orphanage. It’s a day that will stay in my heart forever.

    • Thank you, it is so good to hear this from someone who has been there. I hope you will glance at our pages…loving letters from the foster family are contained within. Thank you for your response. Zai chien!

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