Love is reflected in love

Many things the foster family for Jossie wrote us I feel we need to keep private. But this will let you know how important connecting with them is. I cannot imagine. If they can meet with us, it will mean so much. This is from a letter they wrote us a few years back.

“We are imaging what will little Jocelyn be looking like ten years
later. How beautiful would that be? And that will be your moment
of harvest as well because it represents your profound love and
meticulous care. We shall all see that happen one day, shan’t we?

“What a great pleasure to write to you! We are so glad to be your
friends. May be it is because of God who grants the friendship for
us. May be it is Jocelyn. She is like a bridge between you and us,
and she proves that love is everywhere.

“Zhu ni men shen ti jian kang!”


Ke Dong Na
Zhang Qun Ying


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