Thinking about downsizing our lives

How many people think of downsizing when they have a kids in the house? Well, that’s we are.

We have a three-plus bedroom house with a mostly finished basement and 2.5 baths. But there’s just three of us. Well, four if you count the Dutch bunny. So we’re looking at about 1750 square feet of space plus an oversized one-car garage and a three-season porch attached to the garage. It’s the only house we’ve ever lived in as a married couple.

But there is space we don’t use. And I don’t want to buy things to fill it.

Then there’s the question of schools. A lot of my kid’s friends will be going to a different school district for high school. They either live their now or their parents are selling their homes in Madison and looking for a place in Monona or Cottage Grove.

Anyway…that’s where we are at right now. Is it a good time in the near future to downsize? We’re even thinking very seriously of a condo. Because I enjoy gardening–when others do it, that is.


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